Saturday, 3 November 2012

"My Size Dosen't Bother Me"- Osita 'Paw-Paw' Iheme

Osita Iheme, who recently celebrated his 10 years in Nollywood  is one of the most high-rising movie stars in Nigeria today. Despite his fame and success in the movie industry, some consider his size and stature as a reproach in his life.

Paw-Paw, in an exclusive interview has made it clear that he sees himself as a normal human being, and is not bothered in any way about his stature.

Excerpts- "Everybody must not be the same. Everybody does not have the same height. Some people are tall, while others are short. You can either be tall or short. We are not of equal height. There is no need for me to be worried about my size or to feel inferior. I know that my height doesn’t have anything to do with my brain. I believe that it is not by size, but what you can do and what you can put on the table. I don’t allow my size to bother me. In fact, I don’t even believe I am small. To me, I am normal and I am a big man."

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