Saturday, 10 November 2012

Seun Kuti Wants Marijuana Legalized

As some artistes in the United States campaign for the legalization of marijuana, son of Afro-beat king, Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Seun, has also condemned the ban of marijuana and cigarette, claiming that the law's position on the two products was illogical.

Seun enthused that the legally opposed marijuana was medicinal and good for human consumption while the favoured cigarette has lethal consequences. Seun said the lethal cigarette was favoured simply because it was to the white man's profit, stressing that marijuana would make black countries richer than the white if legalized.

He damned black politicians for taking the white's advice against its own natural produce of 'weed' which he said was good after all and accepting the white's product which truncates lives.

"Marijuana is medical, and I feel Cigarette is selling legally because it is white man's business. It is killing millions of people every day. 'Igbo' is not killing anybody… Marijuana is not only for smoking. It's used for a lot of things; you can make clothes, you can drink tea, it is good, it is medicinal, it helps your appetite, they give it to cancer patients.. a lot of benefits", Seun said.

Source: InformationNigeria

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